Difficulties to see the road to success?

Market research and competition analysis

Difficulties to see the road to success?

IntoTheMinds carries out competitor analysis in Belgium, France and all European countries. We can combine desk research, mystery shopping and primary data collection (notably through qualitative studies) to deliver reliable results. We analyse the financial data of your competitors and conduct real investigations to give you an overview of the state of the competition.

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Why do a competitor analysis?

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Be smarter than the competition. Observe what’s going on on the market.

Entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by daily tasks and do not devote enough time to strategic thinking. The lack of hindsight prevents the right strategic decisions from being taken and leaves the field open to competition to detect and take advantage of market opportunities more quickly.

An analysis of the competition allows you to:

  • understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors before entering a new market
  • anticipate attacks from your competitors and maintain or gain a share of the market

Our solutions for your competition analysis

We analyse your company, its strategy, markets and prospects without bias. Our first analysis is conducted with minimal involvement on your part. We work independently and use proprietary methods and tools to provide you with a pragmatic view of the situation. Our goal is to give you the means to improve the situation yourself. You remain the master on board, and we assume our role as advisors.

IntoTheMinds examines your current situation (products, services, positioning, profitability) as well as the strategies of your competitors, their financial results, the markets in which they operate, and the satisfaction of their customers. In particular, we analyse the customer experience offered by your brand and offer you a unique reading stick in graphic form with our Customer Experience Template ™

Your involvement in this first work remains necessary, but our consultants work independently. IntoTheMinds, therefore, allows you to continue your daily tasks normally and limits your participation to a minimum, to provide you with an accurate analysis of your situation.

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