Do you need to see how your (future) market looks like?

Market research agency Belgium, France, UK and whole Europe

Do you need to see how your (future) market looks like?
A market research methodology that van be used in B2B and B2C

Our market research methodology (also available in high resolution on our “resources” page)

IntoTheMinds, a market research firm renowned for the quality and rigour of its analyses, has been conducting market research in Belgium, France and all European countries for 15 years (we also have an office in Paris) based on its 7-step methodology (see infographic). We work in both B2B and B2C.

Accurate, fast and reliable results thanks to our 7-step market research method

Our method is progressive, pragmatic and based on techniques (desk research, qualitative and quantitative research, statistical analysis and Big Data) that are effective and adapted to each situation.

Our methodology is particularly adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized companies. Affordable financially and methodologically accurate, it makes it possible to focus on the needs of SMEs in terms of differentiation. Also, Belgian companies can receive up to 60% in subsidies!

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Market research: the ideal solution to many problems

Market research is a generic term that defines a “process” for answering questions that are essential for all companies:

  • Will my new product be a success?
  • How can I increase my market share?
  • How can I satisfy my customers better?

Market research is, therefore, not limited to an online survey. To approach the reality of a market, it is necessary to combine different techniques:

  • Qualitative (focus groups, qualitative face-to-face interviews, and so on)
  • Quantitative (survey, online survey)

Combined with one another, they make it possible to accurately answer the questions you are asking yourself.

Independent steps adapted to your project

The 7 steps of our market research methodology cover general aspects (market evolution, PESTE analysis, competition benchmarking, customer needs analysis) and more specific elements (pricing, identification of different market segments, market potential assessment, the definition of the catchment area in the case of local shops). Each step can be activated independently according to your problem or the questions you have in your market.

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Benefit from subsidies for your market research in Belgium

In the case of Belgium, our market research studies are accredited to receive grants from the Walloon and Brussels regions. Companies based in one of these two regions receive financial assistance of up to 60% of our fees. We also take care of all the formalities to enable you to obtain these subsidies.

Receive up to 60% subsidies for your market research