Stay one step ahead. Discover emerging trends before your competitors do.

Analysis of market trends and marketing strategies

Stay one step ahead. Discover emerging trends before your competitors do.

Whatever the size of your company, we have solutions adapted to your budget to help you rethink your marketing strategy. We rely in particular on the study of global trends (trends spotting), as well as leading sectoral expertise. You will find some of our trend analyses on our blog which is read by more than 100,000 regular readers and has been mentioned (backlinks) more than 12,000 times.

Every year, we attend numerous professional events (trade shows, conferences, and so on) that allow us to observe and analyse trends in multiple sectors and geographical areas. We are also the only marketing strategy firm that conducts an ongoing review of the scientific literature in the field of marketing, which allows us to be at the forefront of knowledge and to make you unique recommendations.

Our marketing strategy advice at a glance

  • Areas covered: data and digital strategy, differentiation and positioning, customer value analysis and segmentation, CRM strategy
  • Geographical scope: all over Europe
  • Budget: from 5000€ excl. VAT
  • Duration: a few days to a few months depending on the scope
  • Quote: within 48 hours

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Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is one of the pillars of a company’s success. We address ourselves as well to large companies, as to SMEs and project leaders. Our offers take into account your budget and we will systematically propose the best solutions allowing you to benefit from subsidies and thus reduce our fees.

Here are some of the problems we can help you solve:

Our range of marketing strategy advice

The term “marketing strategy” covers different aspects. We have specialised in the following areas:

  • Data and CRM strategy: we rely on our expertise in customer satisfaction and loyalty on the one hand, and in data exploitation, on the other hand, to advise you on marketing strategies that make the most of it.
  • Loyalty programs: a loyalty program can only be based on a detailed knowledge of the customer base and the profitability of the various customer segments. Thanks to our experience in churn analysis, we can offer you, loyalty models, from which all parties will benefit.
  • Design of new offers: based on our market research we advise you on the latest offers to be put on the market. Our advice takes into account aspects related to demand, profitability and future market trends.
  • Pricing policy: thanks to the quantitative research methods, we can assess the price sensitivity of target customers. We can, therefore, determine the ideal price to allow you to combine both customer loyalty and revenue maximisation.
  • Customer value analysis: based on your customer data (from your CRM for example) we determine the value of each customer or segment and advise you on the marketing strategy to implement to activate and retain each segment.
  • Segmentation: we go beyond traditional segmentation by offering you empirical analyses based on customer data. Our segmentations are therefore radically different and much more enlightening than the classic socio-demographic categorisations.

Detection of trends

IntoTheMinds also joined forces with Soon Soon Soon, a “crowdsourced” trend agency with a network of 1500 “scouts” around the world. These scouts are continually contributing to a database of innovations from start-ups, large companies, artists and designers. These innovations are weak signals that highlight underlying trends in all sectors of activity and all around the world.

We market Soon Soon Soon, solutions in Belgium and support you in carrying out a tailor-made trend study for your business sector.

These trend studies can be complemented by competition benchmarking and our full range of qualitative and quantitative research solutions.

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Logo broadcaster ARTECase study: Digital and Data Strategy

We carried out a mission for ARTE, the French-German broadcaster, on the application of artificial intelligence in the broadcasting field. This project resulted in strategic recommendations focused on 3 mature and implementable technologies.

This monitoring was made possible by our media sector expertise and took place in 3 stages:

  • information collection and classification according to 6 categories
  • classification of more than 100 concrete applications and ongoing experiments in more than 40 organisations
  • deepening of case studies with the organisations in question and drafting of detailed summary sheets

Images: credits soon soon soon, Shutterstock