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CAWI (Computer-Assisted Web Interview)

The term CAWI stands for “Computer-Assisted Web Interview”. This term actually encompasses all forms of an online survey where the respondent is alone in front of their computer. IntoTheMinds uses the CAWI approach in its quantitative surveys to quickly provide numerical information to its clients. Thanks to short administration times, CAWI is particularly recommended when it comes to testing a market’s appetite for a product or service, testing pricing, or measuring customer satisfaction.

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CAWI: our services at a glance

  • Covered territories: worldwide
  • Techniques used: online surveys, panel surveys. IntoTheMinds has its own panel that can be activated for CAWI.
  • Sectors: B2C and B2B
  • Budget: from 4000€ excluding VAT
  • Duration of the study: from 4 weeks
  • Deliverables: anonymized data, analysis, presentation of results, recommendations
  • Quotes: within 48 hours (immediate approximate budget by contacting us by phone)

The term CAWI refers to all forms that an online survey can take.

Advantages of CAWI

There are 3 advantages to using CAWI as a method for your market study:

  1. Automated process: automation makes this market research technique very affordable. It also allows for automatic control of the consistency of responses and the management of complex quotas.
  2. Sample size: thanks to our panels, it is possible to survey relatively large samples. These samples can be offered in almost every country. We indeed have panelists in many countries, even though Europe is our historical playground. We offer samples of up to 10,000 people in France for the most detailed surveys.
  3. Administration time: the “field work” time is short when CAWI is used. The survey is short because respondents can answer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are able to collect responses from a representative panel of 1000 people in about 5 days.

Beatrice Böhm's testimony on the use of CAWI in a survey on HR practices in France

Beatrice Böhm, Marketing & Communication Manager, Reverse.

“IntoTheMinds conducted several missions for Reverse. After a qualitative study on the French market, they then carried out two B2B quantitative studies on HR practices of French companies. The IntoTheMinds team was a great help and provided results and recommendations quickly and for a very competitive budget.

We are very satisfied with our collaboration with IntoTheMinds and highly recommend their services”.

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Setting up a CAWI project at IntoTheMinds

As a survey company, IntoTheMinds follows a rigorous process to ensure the same level of quality for all CAWI projects. Projects follow 4 steps:

step 1


The kick-off, or project initiation, allows us to meet the client’s teams and review:

  • the project timing
  • the desired information
  • the information already in the client’s possession
  • definition of targets to be surveyed

After the kick-off, a meeting report is sent summarizing the agreements made between the teams.

step stage 2

Design of the quantitative questionnaire

Every CAWI-type study is based on a quantitative questionnaire. We prepare this questionnaire (or review it if you already have one) in accordance with the rules of the art:

  • we ensure to use clear formulations for questions and test them
  • validated psychometric scales are used to guarantee the reliability of the results

step stage 3Programming and online administration

Once the questionnaire is validated, we program it in one of our software. Conditional rules are set up and tested. The result is submitted for client validation.

We then define the targets and launch the online administration. Regular quality checks are performed to verify the dropout rate and standard deviations.

Once all responses are received, we close this phase and extract the results.

step stage 4

Data analysis and delivery of results

The last step involves analyzing the extracted data. Unlike other survey companies, we prefer to use BI (Business Intelligence) solutions to obtain better quality visualizations. We mainly use Power BI and Tableau.

The results are delivered to you in the form of a report that is presented to you during an interactive workshop of 1 to 2 hours. The data processing files are then handed over to you.

oxfam market study testimony

Anne-Sophie Puttemans is a project manager at OXFAM Belgium. Jean-Michel Verlinden is Head of Office Furniture at OXFAM Belgium.

To develop our new circular economy project, we needed to survey the market and understand consumer expectations. The consultants at IntoTheMinds took the time to listen to our needs and helped us define certain challenges of the project. The complete study was provided quickly and in a way accessible to those not involved in the private commercial sector. IntoTheMinds was able to bring clarity and rigor when necessary. It was a successful collaboration.

Types of CAWI projects depending on the nature of the respondents

A distinction applies depending on the nature of the respondents. A CAWI study can indeed be conducted on:

  • a representative panel: The representative panel is used in the case of market studies for the launch of a new product, the conquest of a new market, or a notoriety study. Non-customers are then surveyed to get the most objective possible image of the market state.
  • a proprietary database: The proprietary database is used to carry out a quantitative measurement with a panel of clients or people already familiar with the company. This is the classic mode of administration for satisfaction surveys. However, this type of panel is not suitable for notoriety studies since the people surveyed already know you.
  • in hybrid mode: Hybrid mode is used when you want to compare the responses of clients with those of non-clients. Hybrid mode is particularly recommended when you want to launch a new offer in a territory where you are already present.

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Example of a hybrid mode CAWI project

logo sporting charleroi

Racing Club de Charleroi (Belgium): IntoTheMinds was commissioned by this Division 1 club as part of the overhaul of its marketing strategy. After a qualitative study (see description on this page), we designed a questionnaire that was administered in CAWI mode to

  • the database of supporters
  • a panel of non-supporter respondents located in the club’s catchment area

The results thus obtained highlighted very clear differences in purchase intention and pricing between the 2 segments.

Examples of online CAWI projects

logo oxfam

Oxfam: Oxfam entrusted us with a large-scale market study on the recycled professional furniture market. We conducted a qualitative study and then confirmed market demand through a CAWI approach. For the CAWI, we used our B2B panel through which we were able to target qualified respondents based on their role, company size, and industry.


logo treston

Treston (France): Treston commissioned us to conduct a B2B brand awareness study which we carried out using the CAWI method with 500 professionals. We segmented the respondents into several “clusters” based on the role (decision-maker / influencer / user) in the company. The CAWI approach via our panel allowed us to collect all responses in record time.

logo factorial

Factorial (Spain): The CAWI approach was used for Factorial, a Spanish company active in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). We used our online B2B panel to survey more than 2500 professionals in 10 countries.

logo reverseReverse (Italy, Germany, France): Reverse is an HR firm with roots in Milan (Italy) and activities extending across Europe. As part of their expansion activities in France, we conducted a B2B survey using the CAWI approach with 350 Human Resources managers.

Software aspects inherent to the CAWI method

As CAWI is an online administration method, software aspects play an important role. Several software solutions exist. We use 4 in parallel to satisfy all clients and cover all scenarios.

Some software solutions are reserved for administering surveys on our panels, others are used for surveys with a client database. For surveys with a client database, we prefer an open-source solution that we have implemented on our servers. This solution allows us to:

  • meet GDPR requirements (servers located in France, ISO 27001 certified)
  • avoid problems related to the Cloud Act (the servers belong to a French company with no ties to an American entity)

How many respondents for your quantitative survey?

The last question that needs to be answered about CAWI concerns the number of respondents. A quantitative survey is necessarily subject to prescriptions to meet statistical requirements. There are of course some general rules in terms of sample size. However, we thought it more appropriate to provide you with an interactive calculator. Simply indicate the total population size and the desired margin of error, and you will obtain the size of your sample.

Calculate the size of the sample required for your survey

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Fill this field to calculate

Please enter values in the population size and margin of error fields to find out the size of the sample required.

The size of your survey sample should be: -.

If you want to know more about quantitative methodologies, please read our guide or contact us. We conduct qualitative and quantitative market research throughout Europe.

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