Do you need to see how your (future) market looks like?

Market research agency in Belgium, France and whole Europe

Do you want to see what your (future) market looks like?

IntoTheMinds is a market research firm located in Belgium and France. We have offices in Brussels and Paris (9th arrondissement). We have been carrying out market research throughout Europe for 15 years, for all sectors of activity and all types of companies (large companies, SMEs, very small businesses, entrepreneurs). Our understanding of the various market research techniques allows us to adapt to all situations, even the most complicated, in both B2B and B2C. In Belgium, we are accredited to obtain consultancy subsidies.

We master:

  • Qualitative techniques: individual interviews, focus groups, observations, ethnography, semantic analysis
  • Quantitative techniques: online sampling, telephone surveys, statistical analysis
  • Big Data: data mining, behaviour modelling, data visualisation, data mining

We are known for our rigorous work, inspired by our founder, a PhD in marketing and a specialist in customer satisfaction. We are also the only market research firm using Big Data and statistical behavioural modelling.

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Our market research service at a glance

  • Methods used: qualitative research, quantitative research, Big Data and data mining
  • Geographical scope: whole Europe for B2C; France, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands in B2B
  • Budget: from 5000€
  • Duration: from a faw days for quantitative studies to a few months for studies combining digfferent approaches
  • Offer: within 48 hours (an estimative budget can be provided directly on the phone)
  • Subsidies: up to 60% in Belgium
IntoTheMinds proprietary 7-phase market research method

IntoTheMinds proprietary 7-phase market research method

A reliable and rigorous methodology

We have voluntarily theorised and taught our market research method in France and Belgium, in particular, to would-be entrepreneurs through the various structures supporting entrepreneurship (see an example here).

Our method is divided into 7 phases and can be adapted to address a variery of different problems, such as :

Depending on your project, we combine the most relevant phases. Each phase has been designed independently so as not to unnecessarily increase your budget.

Qualitative techniques that make the difference

In most projects, we propose to our clients to carry out a qualitative phase before starting the quantitative survey. This is because, even for projects that appear to be simple such as a satisfaction survey, it is necessary to ensure in advance that the factors that influence customer behaviour have been understood and are covered by the quantitative questionnaire.

A qualitative phase is an undeniable success factor in any market research or quantitative survey. You can find examples on our website of real clients’ projects related to:

Market research in Belgium can be subsidised

Our market research services in Belgium are accredited and entitle you to consultancy subsidies of up to 60%. We take care of all the formalities so that you can obtain financial assistance. Relax and trust us. You are in good hands.

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The benefits of market research

The market research carried out by IntoTheMinds allows you to:

  • to know precisely the reasons why your customers buy (or not)
  • to know the size of a market, its evolution, growth prospects and significant trends in related sectors
  • to understand the unconscious needs of your future customers and to adapt your products and services accordingly
  • to identify promising marketing segments, those that are at maturity or in decline
  • to analyse purchasing behaviour and its evolution
  • to know your competitors, their strategies, their positioning and the profitability of the sector
  • detect threats and opportunities and their consequences

All our market research is tailor-made and is accompanied by our recommendations for each aspect of your marketing strategy. We pay particular attention to differentiating factors.

We do not just provide you with raw data. We also analyse it taking into account the specificities of your project, your company, and propose concrete and feasible actions to improve your marketing strategy.

Because we are also an SME, we understand your needs better than anyone else and make sure we remain pragmatic and realistic. We will, therefore, never propose an unrealistic plan of action.

A relationship of trust in all our market research projects

Diego and Carolina Campoamor

Diego and Carolina Campoamor, IntoTheMinds’ customers

In all our projects, we aim to establish a relationship of trust with our customers. Whether you are a large company, an SME, or an entrepreneur, we conduct your market research project as if it were our own. We are constantly interacting with you, explaining what we discover as we go along, frequently reporting to you until the final delivery of the results.

Like Carolina and Diego Campoamor, two successful entrepreneurs who have entrusted us with the market research of their new cosmetic brand, you can trust IntoTheMinds to make your project a reality. Listen to their testimonial below following the completion of their market research in France, Spain and Belgium.

Practical aspects

  • Our market research assignments typically last between 2 and 6 months, depending on the complexity of the project and in particular, the exhaustiveness of the need’s analysis phase (qualitative analysis). The average is 3.5 months.
  • A consultant is assigned to your project and is supervised by a manager. The latter becomes your single point of contact.
  • Intermediate reports are provided between the different stages of the market research.


During the project, presentations are organised to explain the progress of our analyses. We typically arrange a first meeting during the customer needs analysis phase, followed by a full presentation of customer needs.

Deliverables consist of a paper version of the presentations given to you, and a final report at the end of the mission. When your project is also based on a qualitative phase, we also include the “raw material” (recordings, transcriptions, coding files) that has allowed us to reach our conclusions at no extra cost.

Financial aspects

Although each market research is unique and tailor-made for our clients, we spend an average of 30 working days (spread over an average of 3.5 months) per research study. The first prices start at 5000€, excluding VAT for a satisfaction survey or a brand awareness / notoriety survey. For our qualitative market research, prices begin at €8,000, excluding VAT. In some cases, subsidies of up to 60% are available, and we take care of all the formalities for you. We do not start the research without the guarantee that you will get the subsidies.

We are able, from the first telephone appointment, to give you a precise price range. A binding offer is usually sent to you within 48 hours of the first appointment.

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Market research in France that has changed everything


ProDegustation was the laboratory that, between 2005  and 2011, allowed us to test and finalise our market research method. We have developed and tested every step of the way: from Design Thinking to customer satisfaction measurement and qualitative methods of exploring customer needs, the results were spectacular and led to the sale of the company to the Videlot holding company, owner of Château Petrus, in 2011. Watch Thomas Cabrol’s testimonial and contact us for your next market research in France.